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Peeled Roll Loading And Transfer System
  • The Foam Roll Loader is designed to lift rolls from the ground and load them onto the transfer system
  • The Foam Roll Loader can handle rolls up to 2300 mm in width and provides proper centering of the rolls in line with the hanger of the transfer system.
  • The electromechanical pusher provides a gentle push to the foam roll, allowing it to be dropped smoothly into the hanger of the transfer system.
  • The transfer system consists of a four-wheel overhead conveyor with multiple hangers to maintain a continuous flow of roll loading and unloading at the destination.
  • The hangers can handle a weight of up to 100 kg for the foam rolls, and the self-weight of each hanger is approximately 22 kg.
  • To transfer the foam rolls from one location to another safely, the maximum allowed speed of the conveyor system is 5 to 7 meters per minute.
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