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Continuous Winding At Looper

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Looper machine

  • A continuous winder is an add-on assembly that can be used to provide a continuous winding operation on a existing Looper machine. the continuous winder can be a valuable addition to a Looper machine.
  • The use of a continuous winder can help to eliminate roll changeover time loss on an existing looper machine. A continuous winder allows for the seamless and uninterrupted winding of material, reducing or eliminating the need for roll changeovers. This can help to increase production efficiency and reduce downtime, as there is no longer a need to stop and change out the roll when it runs out.
  • Thanks to the special foam accumulator, helpful in accumulating foil during the changeover of foam rolls, potentially reducing downtime and increasing production efficiency (Estimated 10% productivity increase). The foam accumulator helps to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer of the foil material from one roll to the next, minimizing any potential disruptions or delays.
  • Yes, a new winder design that does not disturb the original machine can help to eliminate the need for manual roll unloading, potentially reducing the amount of manpower required. This can improve efficiency and make the process more automated.
  • The maximum cutting speed of 100 meters per minute refers to the highest speed at which the material can be cut without sacrificing quality or causing damage to the cutting machine.
  • A well-designed HMI can also improve the operator’s experience by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface to ensure smooth operation of backned looper and new winder.
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