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Automatic Mattress Packing Machine
  • Product Size Range: The machine can handle mattresses with a maximum size of 82 x 84 Inch and a minimum size of 36X60 Inch
  • Wrapping Speed: The machine can wrap up to 2 wraps per minute, indicating a relatively high wrapping efficiency.
  • Self-Adjustment: The machine is capable of adjusting itself to accommodate different sizes of mattresses. It likely has an automated length-width-height measuring system, allowing it to adapt to various mattress dimensions without manual adjustments.
  • Flexibility: The machine’s high flexibility enables it to pack a wide range of products without the need for frequent adjustments. This feature allows for efficient packaging of different items without significant downtime.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Feeding: The machine offers the option to feed the mattresses either vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility in accordance with specific requirements.
  • Automatic Side Compression: The machine employs an automatic side compression system to ensure that the wrapped mattresses are tightly secured with film. This feature helps in maintaining the integrity and stability of the packaged products during transportation.
  • Energy-Saver Cold Sealing Technology: The machine utilizes an energy-saving cold sealing technology, which eliminates the need for wiring and reduces seal problems commonly associated with heat-sealing methods.
  • Automatic Side Film Trimmers: The machine includes automatic side film trimmers that cut the excess film from the wrapped mattresses, resulting in neat and tidy packaging.
  • Double Sealing System: The machine incorporates a standard double sealing system to enhance the security and durability of the wrapped mattresses.
  • Automatic Side Compression System: In addition to the side compression mentioned earlier, the machine includes an automatic side compression system specifically designed to achieve tight wraps.
  • Unique Plastic Tightening System: The machine offers a specialized plastic tightening system for products that are not easily compressible. This feature ensures proper wrapping even for items with irregular shapes or sizes.
  • Servo Driven Motion System: The machine utilizes a servo-driven motion system, which provides precise control and smooth operation during the packaging process.
  • Easy Adaptation and Integration: The machine can easily adapt to existing production lines and ERP systems, allowing for seamless integration into the manufacturing process.
  • Online Maintenance and Training System: The machine likely provides an online maintenance and training system, allowing for remote assistance, troubleshooting, and training to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Quick and Easy Communication: The machine supports quick and easy communication with existing machines on the production line, facilitating smooth coordination and workflow.
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