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The perfect FIT for your factories, delivering exceptional solutions and expertise to the foam and mattress industries.
looper machine
Looper Machine
glue spray
Glue spary line
automatic mattress
Automatic Mattress packing machine
automatic mattress
Small block automation system
offline looper machine
Offline Looper Machine
mattress stacker
Mattress stacker
continuous winding at looper
Heading layer
Continuous winding at Looper
Center Belly Band Machine
auto silicon spray
Auto silicon spray system at circular
auto silicon spray
Long block weighing system

Best Service in Industry

At Foamatomatic International Technologies, we are dedicated to providing the best service in the foam and mattress industries.

Recognised Name in Industry

This recognition is a result of the extensive experience and expertise of our directors who have a deep understanding of the intricacies of these industries.

Expert Team Support

Our directors and employees have vast experience in the foam and mattress industries, ensuring that we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of our clients.


Looper Machine

First ever Indigenous Looper is designed for splitting of long blocks up to 60 meter in Roll form at a max cutting speed of 120 Meter/minute. The feeding bridge in the stationary tower is electrically controlled and is used for opening and closing the circular track. It allows the feeding of the block into the long splitting machine. Moveable by motor-driven rope winches

Automatic Mattress Packing Machine

The machine is capable of adjusting itself to accommodate different sizes of mattresses. It likely has an automated length-width-height measuring system, allowing it to adapt to various mattress dimensions without manual adjustments.The machine offers the option to feed the mattresses either vertically or horizontally, providing flexibility in accordance with specific requirements.

Small block automation system

The small block automation system machine is equipped with a sturdy worktable, providing a spacious area measuring 2600 x 2300 mm for placing and compressing foam blocks.The machine offers the flexibility to adjust the compression percentage, ranging from 65% to 80% of the total height of the foam block. This feature enables customization based on specific compression requirements.

About us

Welcome to our website! We are thrilled to share that our expertise in the foam industry goes beyond just understanding the market – we have successfully developed a range of machines from scratch to cater to various needs within the industry. One of our notable accomplishments is the development of the Looper technology, which has revolutionized foam manufacturing processes in India. The Looper machine, designed and created entirely in-house, has brought about significant advancements in productivity and efficiency, setting new standards in the industry.

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Latest blog

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