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Mattress Pick And Place System

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Glue Spray Line

  • Customizable Configuration: The system can be customized according to the specific requirements of each customer, allowing for tailored adjustments and adaptations.
  • Cut Sheet Handling and Transfer: The system facilitates efficient pick and place operations for cut sheets, enabling seamless transfer of mattress components from one location to another. This significantly reduces reliance on manual labor, leading to improved productivity and elimination of manual handling risks.
  • Integration with Glue Line: The system seamlessly integrates with the glue line, effectively eliminating the need for manual core pasting activities on glue machines. It ensures automatic synchronization, optimizing the overall mattress manufacturing process.
  • Automated Precise Alignment: Through its advanced automation capabilities, the system achieves precise alignment of the fresh core onto the pasted core, ensuring a seamless fit without causing any damage or misalignment.
  • Single-Operator Efficiency: The add-on system empowers a single operator to manage the entire glue line, including the pick and place system. This consolidated operation minimizes manpower requirements and streamlines the production process. Furthermore, the system can be easily integrated into existing glue lines, enhancing their functionality.
  • Flexible HMI for Mattress Size Selection: The system incorporates a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that offers flexible options for selecting the mattress size. This feature enables smooth pick-up operations using specifically designed needle grippers, tailored to the chosen mattress dimensions.
  • Enhanced Operational Speed: The system operates at an accelerated pace, matching the cycle time of your current glue line. This improved speed ensures efficient workflow synchronization, maximizing production output and minimizing bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.
  • Indigenous Developed dedicate Needle grippers for foam cut sheets to transfer without damage to the foam.
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