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Peeled Roll Unloading System

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Looper machine

  • This auto roll unloading system is also add -on assembly on your existing Looper machine, the roll can be unloaded from machine winder to floor automatically
  • An idler conveyor designed to handle a maximum foam roll diameter of 2 meters can be used to transport large foam rolls with a diameter up to 2 meters. The idler conveyor uses a series of rollers, or idlers, to support the foam rolls and allow them to be moved from one location to another.
  • The combination of a hydraulic vertical lift and idler conveyor helps to streamline the process of collecting and moving foam rolls, making it a useful tool for many industrial and manufacturing applications. By lifting and lowering the rolls with ease, the hydraulic vertical lift with inbuilt idler conveyor can help to improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of injury from manual handling.
  • A pneumatic stopper equipped with the main conveyor can be used to hold foam rolls and prevent winded rolls from touching existing winding rolls. The pneumatic stopper is actuated by compressed air, which allows it to quickly and precisely hold the foam rolls in place.
  • The maximum speed of 5 meters per minute helps to complete the roll unloading cycle efficiently and in a timely manner, ensuring that the main conveyor is available to collect the next foam roll from the winder.
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